Azure DevOps Server 2020 Install Guide


Hey All —

I just published my Azure DevOps Server 2020 Installation Guide.

This guide continues the tradition going back to 2009 of publishing installation guides for each new version of Team Foundation Server and Azure DevOps Server.

Here’s the list of chapters the Azure DevOps Server 2020 guide:

  1. Install Windows Server 2019
  2. Install SQL Server 2019 for Azure DevOps Server
  3. Install Azure DevOps Server 2020
  4. Configure an SMTP Server for Azure DevOps Server 2020
  5. Install the Azure DevOps Build & Release Agent on Windows Server

If you’re looking for a Team Foundation Server (TFS) install guide, here are the links:

Once again, here’s a link to the new Azure DevOps Server 2020 install guide.

I hope you get some use out of this. Enjoy!


— Looking for help with how to install, configure, or use Azure DevOps Server 2020?  Do you need help upgrading an existing TFS installation?  Want some help migrating your TFS to Azure DevOps in the cloud?  We can help.  Drop us a line at  

5 Responses to "Azure DevOps Server 2020 Install Guide"
  1. Hey Ben, when you say searchuser, you are referring to a local server account for basic Elasticsearch authentication, right? You meant, NOT a Windows Domain user account, right? Asking, because it appears that the account needs to be legit for the Elasticsearch endpoint. Please correct me if I’m misunderstanding.

  2. Hey Ben, Your SQL server msi Installation says its SQL Server 2017 but screen shot shows SQL Server 2019 . Which one is correct ?Is it SQL Server 2019 or SQL Server 2017?

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