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Azure DevOps YAML: Slides / Code from VSLive San Diego 2022

I just got back from speaking at VSLive San Diego 2022 and here are my slides & code samples from my Azure DevOps YAML Pipelines talk.

If you’re interested in learning more about YAML with Azure DevOps, you can watch the YAML pipelines module of my Azure DevOps Services course on Pluralsight.

I Love YAML: Using Azure DevOps to Build and Release to Azure

We all know that Azure DevOps lets you create build and deployment pipelines – aka. Continuous Build & Deploy.  The latest version of these Azure DevOps pipelines uses YAML and – well, if you’re like me, YAML looks scary.  Once you get going with it, it’s not so bad. 

In this session, Ben will show you how to use YAML-based pipelines to build, deploy and configure an ASP.NET Core / EF Core application into Azure. We’ll start with the basics of YAML pipelines, the basics of building your code and then gradually move into more complex scenarios such as using SQL Server to test our code, use EF Core migrations to deploy database changes, populate “lookup” data in SQL Server, and edit settings in appsettings.json.  We’ll also talk about how to handle multiple environments (dev, test, stage, prod, etc) and deployment approvals.  Along the way, Ben will cover how to write and use custom extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace to streamline your pipelines. 

If you were there, thanks for coming to my talk!


Looking for help with your Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipelines? Want to convert your Classic Pipelines to use YAML and Git? Not sure where to start on your journey towards continuous deployment nirvana? We can help. Drop us a line at


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