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  • Beantown .NET Meeting in Waltham on 1/31 with David Chappell

    Beantown .NET is doing a special joint meeting with Boston .NET, Boston .NET Architecture, and New England Visual Basic Professionals user groups at Microsoft in Waltham on Thursday, January 31.  (Thanks to Chris Bowen for organizing this.) For this meeting we have David Chappell presenting “Understanding Software + Services”. As always, our meeting is open […]

  • The Windows Process Activation Service service terminated with the following error: The system cannot find the file specified."

    I’m not sure if this is related to the Vista Service Pack 1 Beta but I installed the SP1 beta recently and then within the next week or so I couldn’t start IIS (W3SVC).  When I’d try to start W3SVC I’d get an error saying “The dependency service or group failed to start.”  A little […]

  • Updated Continuous Integration Service for TFS 2005 / Team Build 2005

    You’re probably familiar with the Khushboo Continuous Integration Service for Team Foundation Server 2005 & Team Build 2005.  I’ve been using it for a long while now but recently ran up against a limitation: you can’t specify a build per source control sub-directory — you can only specify continuous integration builds at the Team Project […]

  • Custom Lazy-loadable Business Collections with NHibernate

    I was at VSLive Las Vegas last week and one of my talks was on NHibernate development.  One of the guys who was in my session came up to me and asked “how do I create my own custom collection that I can use in NHibernate that still lets me do lazy loading?”  The core […]

  • Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus

    I just upgraded my Microsoft Virtual Server R2 instances from SP1 beta to SP1.  While I was downloading the release version of SP1, I came across something new — the Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus.  For anyone who does a lot of work with Virtual Server, I think you’ll love this new client.  It […]

  • Dubbelbock TFS 2.0 (Beta)

    Back in May, I released version 1.0 of Dubbelbock TFS.  Dubbelbock 1.0 let you access Team Foundation Server version control from Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) so that you could do check ins, check outs, get latest, and other common commands.  Since then I’ve been fixing bugs and adding new features and now Dubbelbock TFS v2.0 is […]

  • Programmatically Set AreaPath on a WorkItem

    I wanted to be able to programmatically change the AreaPath on one of my Team Foundation Server (TFS) Work Items but I kept getting validation errors from the WorkItem object.  The idea was to download the list of Areas from TFS and then change an existing work item’s area to one of the other values.   […]

  • Run Non-"Hello, World" VSTS WebTests As Part of a Team Build

    We’ve all accepted the Continuous Integration religion here, right?  Our Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) WebTests are part of our unit test suite and should be run as part of our continuous integration Team Builds, right?  Well, if we want our VSTS WebTests do something more than just a couple of light-hearted clicks around our ASP.NET application […]

  • Using SQL Server 2005 CONTAINSTABLE and FREETEXTTABLE with a variable

    I’ve been doing a bunch of work with SQL Server 2005 Full-Text Search lately.  Let’s say you’re working on an application to manage books in a library and you’ve defined a full-text search index on the LibraryEntry table’s Title column. Here’s a simple sample for how you’d search for all library entries that contain the word […]

  • Beantown.NET Meeting with Adam Machanic on Thursday 6/7/2007

    The Beantown.NET User Group (INETA) is meeting on Thursday, 6/7/2007.  This will be our last meeting before Beantown’s summer break (we’ll be resuming in September at a new meeting location).   This month we have Adam Machanic presenting “Modeling and Querying Graphs and Hierarchies in SQL Server”.   As always, our meeting is open […]