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Dubbelbock TFS 2.0 (Beta)


Back in May, I released version 1.0 of Dubbelbock TFS.  Dubbelbock 1.0 let you access Team Foundation Server version control from Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) so that you could do check ins, check outs, get latest, and other common commands. 

Since then I’ve been fixing bugs and adding new features and now Dubbelbock TFS v2.0 is ready for beta.

The big new feature in v2.0 is Work Item Stencils.  I kept finding that I needed to create Work Items in TFS with the same field values again and again.  Especially, Work Items in certain projects for certain areas and iterations.  Creating these gets tedious and it’s time consuming to go through the process of opening up Visual Studio, Team Explorer, drilling in to the right Team Project, choosing the work item type, choosing the areas and iterations, etc etc etc.  Entering a “quick bug” into TFS isn’t always so quick.

That’s where Stencils come in.  After you’ve defined your stencils, all you have to do is right-click on the Dubbelbock tray icon and select the work item type that you want to create.

Dubbelbock creates a new work item for you, fills in the values and then pops up the Work Item Editor so that you can finish adding the details you want. 

Pretty easy, huh?

For more information, click here.  To download Dubbelbock TFS v2.0 Beta, click here

Unfortunately, we still cannot provide support for 64-bit operating systems.  Also, this release only supports Visual Studio 2005.  (We’ll be adding support for Visual Studio 2008 soon.)



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  1. Hi again,

    do I have to register the shell extensions or change the DubbelbockConfig.xml / Dubbelbock.UI.exe.config ?


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