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DVD-R Drive Hosed MS Virtual Server 2005? Whuh?

I’ve got MS Virtual Server 2005 installed and I use it to test various server configurations. 

I tried to turn on the virtual machines tonight and kept getting the following error:
“SERVERNAME” could not be started because there is not enough physical memory or system resources available.

This seemed unusual because there was about 150GB of free disk space and roughly 1.75GB of free physical memory.

The biggest thing that changed is that I installed some new DVD burning software (Nero).  I started disabling services that were run by Nero.  The first one I did was the “InCD Helper (read only)“ service.  Well, whatever that lil’ bastard was up to, it was the cause of my problems.  Virtual Machines work fine now.

Next task: figuring out how to burn non-coaster DVDs. 




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