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Whuh? No strong name for MSFT Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library?

Usually, when I find something this weird it means that I’m doing something wrong.  If anyone has any suggestions on this, let ’em rip.

I’ve been working with the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library lately.  I’ve been writing new code with it and gradually re-working some old stuff.  Well, today I went to put the P&P Data Access Library into one of my assemblies that is strong named.  Try to compile my project and BAM! “Assembly generation failed — Referenced assembly ‘Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data’ does not have a strong name“.

I looked at that and thought “no way that’s right.“  Fired up ildasm and checked out the assembly.  Well, I’ll be a chicken wearin’ a dress and smokin’ a cigar dancing an irish jig and flying a remote controled airplane…the damned thing’s not signed!  (WTF?!)

A little research on google and there’s not much out there.  I found this thread on the community site for Enterprise Library.  It sure looks like they shipped it that way on purpose.  It’s not like it’s especially difficult to sign the assemblies but part of why I’m using one of their app blocks is so that maintenance of the code isn’t really my problem.  They probably wanted to leave it open but it seems like kind of an unusual decision on Microsoft’s part. 


—ps…now’s the time when y’all are supposed to post comments with the perfectly obvious answer that I missed or couldn’t fathom because I’m dense. 


One response to “Whuh? No strong name for MSFT Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library?”

  1. Gus Avatar

    Do you have a solution for this? how do you sign these assemblies?

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