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New version of Oracle Developer Tools For Visual Studio .NET

There’s a new version of the Oracle Developer Tools For Visual Studio .NET (ODT).  I haven’t tried it yet but the previous version was pretty decent.  Finally Oracle gives us some decent dev tools for the .NET environment. 

It has always boggled the mind why Oracle has made accessing it’s database from Microsoft platforms so completely difficult and unfriendly.  It’s nice to see Oracle making even a little bit of effort to support development from the .NET platform and win some of us over.  They’ve even put up their own little MSDN like area for us with articles and info. 

Also, I like the Oracle OTN Podcast

Ok…now some Oracle griping. 

What do they use to host their website?  Does anyone else feel like it’s either down or super super slow most of the time?  Why are there so many broken links on their site? 

Why is Oracle Universal Installer such a huge pain in the ass to work with?  Isn’t it time to maybe write a new UI for it?  How bad could it be to write a new UI?  It’s not like Oracle is strapped for cash or anything. 

Ok.  That’s it for me.  Time to go play with the new ODT.



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