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NHibernate @ O'Reilly Open Source Convention

I got notification yesterday that I’ll be speaking on NHibernate at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention 2006 (aka OSCON 2006) in July.  The convention is happening from July 24 – July 28 in Portland, OR. 

My session is “Tips and Tricks with NHibernate“.  Here’s the abstract:

You already know the basics of NHibernate.  You can map your classes and properties into your database’s tables and columns but somehow you still feel empty inside.

In this session, Ben will dive into some more advanced topics in NHibernate such as Hibernate Query Language (HQL), ILifecycle, caching, complex mapping techniques, and more.




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  1. Pierre Henri Avatar

    So… How was it? 🙂

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