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VS2003 Plus Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Plugin kills VSS

Microsoft released a plugin for Visual Studio 2003 (and some other IDEs **) that allows you to use Team Foundation Server as the source control repository.  (Yay!  Down with SourceSafe!)  It’s called the Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider

I installed it in VS2003 and it works pretty well.  The only problem is that I’m still maintaining applications for clients who are still on Visual SourceSafe.  When I opened one of the VS2003/SourceSafe solution files, the MSSCCI provider for TFS completely lost it’s mind.  It started reading SourceSafe’s settings and trying to connect to TFS using the path the srcsafe.ini file.  Not surprisingly, that didn’t work even a litttle bit and I wasn’t able to open the solution. 

I tried changing the source control provider in Tools –> Options –> Source Control settings but didn’t make a difference. 

Turns out that just changing the provider settings in VS2003 isn’t enough.  Luckily, Serdar Kilic wrote a little program that let’s you easily change your configuration between VSS and TFS.  Problem solved.  Thanks, Serdar.


** – (Other supported products: Visual C++ 6 SP6, Visual Basic 6, FoxPro 9, Access 2003 SP2, SQL Server Management Studio, Sparx System Enterprise Architect 6.0, Sybase PowerBuilder 10.5.)

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One response to “VS2003 Plus Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Plugin kills VSS”

  1. Michelle Cardozo Avatar
    Michelle Cardozo

    This tool is excellent. It works flawlessly. This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for creating it.

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