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Want to access TFS source control from Explorer.exe? Announcing "Dubbelbock TFS"!

Ever heard of Tortoise SVN?  It’s a great tool that lets you control Subversion source control from Windows Explorer.  Right-click on a file or folder and you can do operations like check-in, check-out, add, etc.

I use Team Foundation Server for my source control and have missed the convenience of being able to access source like that.  So, I wrote it. 

This is the official announcement of “Dubbelbock TFS“.  With Dubbelbock you can select a directory or file and do “Get Latest“, “Check in“, “Check out“, “Lock“, “Add“, “Undo“, “View Status“, “Compare to Server Version (diff)“, and “View History“.


[Update 8/8/1007 3:13 PM EST] Version 2.0 (beta) of Dubbelbock TFS has just been released.   

Download the trial version here.  The trial is good for 30 days and a single user license is available for only $25.00. 
(Unfortunately, we currently do not support x64 operating systems.)

Questions? Comments? Bugs?  Contact me here.


[Update 6/1/2007 6:57 AM EST] — I’ve gotten a fair number of questions from people asking if the shell extension portion of Dubbelbock is written with managed code.  The answer is no.  It’s written in unmanaged C++ and therefore doesn’t suffer from the inherent problems and risks of managed shell extensions

[Update 5/24/2007 1:34 PM EST] — The installer has been updated and now supports installing on Vista.


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