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Dubbelbock for Visual Studio 2008 Released for free

Well, Visual Studio 2008 was released in February and I finally got around to getting Dubbelbock updated for VS2008.  The funny thing is that most of the delay had to do with modifying the licensing code since I’ve decided to release it for free

In addition to being able to access Team Foundation Server source control from Explorer.exe and Work Item Stencils, I’ve added a some new features. 

A new feature in Dubbelbock for 2008 is the Work Item Query Analyzer. 


The Work Item Query Analyzer allows you to take an existing work item query, and make tweeks on the fly, run the query, and get the results.  Once you have the results, you can open the work items, make modifications, and save the changes back to the server.  (HINT: if you can’t remember the name of a work item field, you can right-click inside of the query editor window and choose your fields from a menu.) 

Another new feature that’s available through the Work Item Query Analyzer is bulk work item linking. 


Select a row in the current query results, then click “Link From Work Item” or “Link To Work Item(s)” to bring up the linking dialog.  (You can also bring up the dialog by pressing CTRL-F for “from” or CTRL-T for “to”.)


Once the dialog is up, you can continue to click “Link From Work Item” or “Link To Work Item(s)” to build the linkages.  When you’re done, click “Save Links” on the Work Item Link Editor and the links are saved back to the server.

Dubbelbock also now supports Windows 2008 but unfortunately the explorer.exe integration still doesn’t work under 64 bit operating systems.  (Everything else works under x64 though.)

You can download the latest version for VS2008 from here and you can get your free Dubbelbock license key by registering here.

The version for Visual Studio 2005 is still available for download from here.



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One response to “Dubbelbock for Visual Studio 2008 Released for free”

  1. Benjamin Day Avatar

    Hi Bernd,

    You need to install Team Explorer 2008 on your machine and then re-install Dubbelbock 3.


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