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NHibernate Presentation on March 23, 2006


I’ll be giving my NHibernate talk at the Cape Cod .NET User Group meeting on March 23, 2006 at 6:30pm.  I believe this is open to the public so, feel free to drop by. 

Here’s the abstract:

The problem: our applications use objects, but our databases don’t. Why isn’t there an easy way for applications to use objects, but store their contents in a database with a minimum of effort required to transition between them?

Enter NHibernate: an open-source, object-relational persistence framework that uses XML to map classes and properties (in your program) to tables and columns (in your database). Once you write the mappings, NHibernate manages the database code and SQL necessary to save and retrieve your objects, saving significant development time and effort.

In this session, Ben will discuss the fundamentals of using NHibernate in an ASP.NET web application, with applicability towards any scenario where objects should be transparently persisted.

If there are any groups out there that might want me to come and talk about NHibernate development, drop me a line.


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  1. Hi! another one for the slides, in living in Argentina, could you post the slides after/before the presentation?


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