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NHibernate Performance


Rob Hurlbut sent me a link to a post on Jeffrey Palermo’s blog referencing my Channel9 NHibernate interview.  I think Jeffrey really nailed the NHibernate performance meme with this quote:

What performance do they really need?  Now, NHibernate is NOT slow, but  if you need to go 400 MPH instead of a measley 397MPH, then you have some pretty heavy traffic and strict performance requirements.  For the rest of applications, NHibernate probably offers more speed than required.

Then my uncle chimed in on my last post with a slightly different angle on the performance thing:

“I think you really DO care about performance – after all, using nHibernate enhances YOUR performance.”

And there’s the real meat of it.  Since time is money, NHibernate helps you develop an application with better than adequate performance with a whole lot less development time and maintenance time.  NHibernate speeds up development performance and developer speed.


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