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Richard Hale Shaw and I just finished writing a few mini-articles for FTPOnline on VSTS and TFS.

They just got posted as part of a special report that FTP is doing on Team System.

Tip #1: How to deploy supporting files as part of your VSTS unit tests.  This would be of interest for people doing NHibernate testing using VSTS and will solve your problems deploying the hibernate config file.  It will also help you deploy other config files as part of your tests.

Tip #2: Streamline Team Foundation Server (TFS) permissions management using Windows User Groups.  It’s a raging pain to manage individual user permissions for Team Projects in TFS, the SharePoint site, and in SQL Reporting Services.  An easy way to handle this is to create a User Group, set up the permissions once, and be done with it.

Tip #3: How to tie permissions to state transitions in the “Bug” Work Item Template.  This tip gets into how to do work item customization in TFS and also how to integrate Team Project security into your work item templates and work item processes. 


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One response to “VSTS / TFS Tips”

  1. John Ledbetter Avatar
    John Ledbetter

    Interested in hearing and learning more about implementing TFS as we picked up VSTFS Team Suite Edition for the first time and we wish to optimize things the first time out of the gate. Is there a great reference guide you might recommend? Interested in hearing more about training. As a Director from an IT but non-programmer background what is the best method for helping my experienced dev team best implement TFS and succeed and leverage the solution?

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