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NHibernate and VSTS/TFS at Code Camp 6

Code Camp 6 (free conference) is happening this Saturday from 9am – 6pm at the Microsoft office in Waltham.  The session schedule  got published last night. 

I’m going to be doing 2 sessions:



From the developer’s perspective, it’s the slayer of SourceSafe. It does automated builds. It tracks your bugs. And you can customize it — a lot. From the project manager’s perspective, it helps you manage your project schedule and developer task assignments. It automatically gathers data about code coverage and defects. It puts everything in one place and gives you a suite of reports so that you always know how your project is REALLY doing. In this session, Ben will give an overview of the features of Team Foundation Server and discuss how you can use TFS to help deliver your next project on-time and on-budget.

“Introduction to NHibernate“

Applications use objects. Databases don’t. That’s the “object-relational impedance mismatch” problem in a nutshell. Why isn’t there an easy way for applications to use objects, but store their contents in a database with a minimum of effort required to transition between them? Enter NHibernate: an open-source, object-relational persistence framework that uses XML to map classes and properties (in your program) to tables and columns (in your database). Once you write the mappings, NHibernate can generate the database code and SQL necessary to save and retrieve your objects. In this session, Ben will discuss the fundamentals of using NHibernate with specific focus on NHibernate in an ASP.NET application and test-driven development.


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  1. Ben Scheirman Avatar

    I wish I could attend! good luck.

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