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“How to Fix a Failing Project”: Slides from VSLive Las Vegas 2023

I just got back from speaking at VSLive Las Vegas 2023 and here are my slides & code samples from my “How to Fix a Failing Project” talk.

How to Fix a Failing Project

We’ve all been there – you’re on a project and it just isn’t going well. The customers are unhappy. The stakeholders are unhappy. Management is unhappy. And the team is REALLY unhappy. You’re on a failing project.

In this session, we’ll discuss why projects have problems, how to spot those problems, and how to recover and those project back on the right track.

If you’re curious about how to use flow metrics to predict the future, check out this blog post.

Download the slides for “How to Fix a Failing Project”

If you were there, thanks for coming to my talk!


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