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  • Puppy Linux.

    FYI, this has nothing to do with dogs. These guys/dudes/people are working on a super small version of Linux.  They claim that they’ve got it down to a size that they can easily boot off of a USB flash drive.  If I get 2 seconds, I’d really like to try that out. I’ve downloaded […]

  • DVD-R Drive Hosed MS Virtual Server 2005? Whuh?

    I’ve got MS Virtual Server 2005 installed and I use it to test various server configurations.  I tried to turn on the virtual machines tonight and kept getting the following error:“SERVERNAME” could not be started because there is not enough physical memory or system resources available. This seemed unusual because there was about 150GB of […]

  • NHibernate, Part 1 (of X)

    It’s about time for the first technology related post.  Since .NET came out, I’ve been a big fan of having a data access tier that fills and returns typed datasets using stored procedures .  It’s worked out well.  Easy enough to write and maintain.  It gives you a nice layer of abstraction off of the physical data store […]