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  • Team Foundation Server & Team System @ VSLive Boston and VSLive Dallas

    I’m going to be speaking at VSLive Boston and VSLive Dallas on Team System and Team Foundation Server.  The title of the talk is “Team Foundation Server: Beyond the GUI”.  Here’s the abstract: Did you know that Team Foundation Server (TFS) has an API to control, customize and consume almost any piece of TFS functionality, […]

  • VS2003 Plus Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Plugin kills VSS

    Microsoft released a plugin for Visual Studio 2003 (and some other IDEs **) that allows you to use Team Foundation Server as the source control repository.  (Yay!  Down with SourceSafe!)  It’s called the Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider.  I installed it in VS2003 and it works pretty well.  The only problem is […]

  • VSTS / TFS Tips

    Richard Hale Shaw and I just finished writing a few mini-articles for FTPOnline on VSTS and TFS. They just got posted as part of a special report that FTP is doing on Team System. Tip #1: How to deploy supporting files as part of your VSTS unit tests.  This would be of interest for people doing […]

  • Import Visual SourceSafe into Team Foundation Server

    I did a Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server conversion today using VSSConverter.  It was surprisingly painless except for 2 issues. 1. The documentation says that you need to install SQLExpress in order to do the migration.  This made me go and install SQLExpress before I noticed that later in the documentation it says that […]

  • Force Team Foundation Server To Update The Warehouse

    Ever sat in front of Team Foundation Server (TFS) pulling your hair out for why work item changes or builds that you KNOW exist aren’t showing up in the reports?  The reasonis that the TFS Warehouse hasn’t been updated.  It gets updated on a schedule and if the update hasn’t run, your reports are going […]

  • Great book: "Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System"

    I’ve been reading everything that I can get my hands on about Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) lately since I’m developing a course.  Most of the books are excellent (for example, “Visual Studio 2005 Team System” by Jean-Luc David and Chris Bowen) but they focus on the cookbook, technical features of the product […]

  • Intellisense For Team Server Work Item Template Schemas

    In Team Foundation Server (TFS), you’re allowed — encouraged — to customize your work item definitions (take a look at witimport.exe and witexport.exe).  There are some 3rd party tools out there that give you a GUI for editing the templates but I think the best way to learn how it actually works is to edit it […]

  • Delete a Team Project from Team Foundation Server

    Wow…it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post.  It’s been a busy month and I’ve started ramping up to teach Team Foundation Server classes for the Richard Hale Shaw Group. Anyway, as I’m doing research, I keep finding the answers to non-obvious questions in TFS.  The one that was getting to me […]