Zen & the Art of the Scrum Timebox

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Everything that happens in Scrum happens within a ‘timebox’.  There’s the 30 day (or less) overall Sprint and then there are timeboxes for the events within a Sprint. There’s 8 hours (or less) for the Sprint Planning Meeting.  The Daily Scrum gets 15 minutes.  Then 4 hours (or less) for the Sprint Review followed by […]


4 Ways to Fail at Scrum Planning Poker

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If you’re doing Scrum, chances are high that you use or at least have heard of Planning Poker.  (By my estimates, I’d say that somewhere between 0 and 100% of teams use it.)  It’s a simple and effective way to do software estimation that’s easy to understand and implement. Considering how simple it is, you’d […]


5 Reasons Your Daily Scrum is Boring

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When you ask someone “what’s Scrum?”, probably 9 times out of 10 they’ll start telling you about the Daily Scrum meeting.  Maybe they call it the “standup” or the “daily” or the “daily standup” but they’re talking about that meeting that you’re supposed to have every day if you’re doing Scrum.  Oh…and they almost invariably say […]


Automatic Exception Handling on ICommand ViewModel Properties

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If you’re writing a WPF application or some other XAML-based application, you’re probably using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.  If you’re being “good” about your MVVM implementation, you’re putting all your button click handling code into ICommand properties on your ViewModels.  (What!? You’re not doing that?  Naughty naughty!  You should!  It makes it so much more […]


Howto: Enable IIS directory browsing on Azure Websites

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Ever wonder how to enable IIS Directory Browsing on a directory in your Microsoft Azure Website?  Hint: it’s not in the control panel for your account. The answer: drop a web.config file into the directory you want to browse and set <directoryBrowse enabled=”true” />.  Done.  That’s it. Here’s a sample web.config that you can use: <configuration> […]


Utilities for debugging Bootstrap with and without ASP.NET MVC

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I was running into a problem while trying to get a Bootstrap form to lay out properly.  My problem was that the text of labels was getting rendered under textboxes.  As I was playing with various Bootstrap styles on my DIVs – for example, ‘col-md-5’, ‘col-sm-5’, ‘col-sm-offset-1’, etc – it quickly became clear that I […]


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