Howto: Enable IIS directory browsing on Azure Websites

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Ever wonder how to enable IIS Directory Browsing on a directory in your Microsoft Azure Website?  Hint: it’s not in the control panel for your account. The answer: drop a web.config file into the directory you want to browse and set <directoryBrowse enabled=”true” />.  Done.  That’s it. Here’s a sample web.config that you can use: <configuration> […]


Utilities for debugging Bootstrap with and without ASP.NET MVC

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I was running into a problem while trying to get a Bootstrap form to lay out properly.  My problem was that the text of labels was getting rendered under textboxes.  As I was playing with various Bootstrap styles on my DIVs – for example, ‘col-md-5’, ‘col-sm-5’, ‘col-sm-offset-1’, etc – it quickly became clear that I […]


Branching, Work In Progress, & Employee Retention

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I did a coaching and training session with a company recently. They’re a small, early-stage company in the Greater Boston-area. I got a call from the owner (let’s call him Mike) looking for help solving their problems with Team Foundation Server version control. Mike was complained that they were regularly “losing changes containing days worth […]


Agile 2014: “Better Unit Tests through Design Patterns” Slides & Code

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I spoke at Agile 2014 yesterday and did a called “Better Unit Tests through Design Patterns: Repository, Adapter, Mocks, and more…”. Better Unit Tests through Design Patterns: Repository, Adapter, Mocks, and more… You’re sold on unit testing. You’re even doing “test first” development – but there are always those nagging questions. How do your user […]


Why are there timeboxes in Scrum? Why operate in a series of Sprints?

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If you’re “doing Scrum” and “being Agile”, what’s the purpose of these things called Sprints?  You might be thinking “Sure…timeboxes.  That’s why.  Scrum operates in a series a timeboxes.”  Right.  Scrum operates within a handful of timeboxes and assuming a 30 day sprint, then they are as follows: Event Timebox Duration Sprint 30 days Sprint […]


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